Will Orbán Viktor's party win a supermajority of seats in the 2026 parliamentary election?

Fidesz-KDNP, a coalition of parties lead by Orbán Viktor controls 135 of 199 seats of the Hungarian National Assembly. This corresponds to (a record high) ~54% of ballots supporting Fidesz-KDNP directly or its constituency representative.

Controlling 133 or more seats would allow the party to continue to make constitutional amendments and modifications, and to have absolute legislative rights. You can read more about the electoral system on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_system_of_Hungary#National_Assembly_elections

Will a party or coalition led by Orbán Viktor get 133 or more seats of the Assembly?

Deaths after the results, or members boycotting being sworn in will not affect the resolution.

Independent/minority list representatives with Fidesz ties do not count, so that the resolution criteria are clear.

If Orbán does not lead a party list in the election, the question resolves no.

Closes on election day and resolves when the results are final.

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