Will the Israeli High Court issue a ruling on the "reasonableness" law before October 15, 2023?
resolved Oct 16

Resolution Criteria

This question will resolve as Yes if, before October 15, 2023, credible sources report that the Israeli High Court has issued a ruling on the "reasonableness" law. The ruling must either uphold or strike down the law in whole or in part; a ruling not on the merits, such as freezing or delaying implementation, does not qualify.

On July 24, 2023, Israel passed a new law that weakens the power of the courts. Known as the "reasonableness" law, the new law limits the ability of Israeli courts to hear cases brought on the grounds that an administrative decision was "unreasonable".

The new law amends Israel's Basic Law regarding the judiciary. Israel does not have a formal written constitution, instead the Knesset has passed a series of Basic Laws that "established the foundations of the system of government and the rights of the individual." The translated full text of the new law reads:

Notwithstanding what is stated in this Basic Law, whoever has judicial authority according to law, including the Supreme Court in its seating as the High Court of Justice, will not discuss the reasonableness of a decision of the government, of the prime minister or of another minister, and will not issue an order on the aforementioned matter.

The Israeli High Court has agreed to consider a number of petitions against the law. The petitions will be heard on September 12, 2023.

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