Will a new zoonotic pathogen spillover in 2024

Will the spillover event of a zoonotic disease into humans occur in 2024. This disease can have been previously recorded in the animal population but not in humans.

This will resolve yes if such a spillover event happens in 2024 and no if it doesn't. To resolve yes it does not matter if the pathogen is human to human transmittable only that it is animal to human transmittable. The number of human infections greater than 1 is also not relevant. If such a spillover happens before 2024 then that is not included.

The question closes May 31 2025 to allow time for the reporting of an event near the end of 2024.

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There has been a report of a 'mouse fever' affecting Russian soldiers. https://youtu.be/WF6mr0F8xUM?si=Mvsu3gJvL2BtUtlJ if this is a new spillover event it would still not count as it has happened before 2024.