Will a Western personality announce he's in love with an AI girlfriend by the end of April 2024?
resolved May 1

If by the end of April 2024 a personality (actor, musician, humorist, politician, journalist, athlete...) announces he has fallen in love with an AI girlfriend and it is reported by the mainstream media, this market resolves to YES. (Also works for other types of relationship. Man boyfriend, nb to a non binary friend and so on)

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Also, what counts as "western"? NATO ∪ European single market ∪ Five Eyes?

@ArmandodiMatteo According to ChatGPT:

> Listing the countries that are colloquially understood to be "Western" can be challenging due to varying interpretations and the fluid nature of geopolitical and cultural boundaries. However, a general list typically includes:

1. North America

- United States

- Canada

2. Western Europe

- Austria

- Belgium

- Denmark

- Finland

- France

- Germany

- Iceland

- Ireland

- Italy

- Luxembourg

- Netherlands

- Norway

- Portugal

- Spain

- Sweden

- Switzerland

- United Kingdom

3. Oceania

- Australia

- New Zealand

4. Some parts of Southern and Eastern Europe (often included due to cultural and political ties)

- Greece

- Cyprus

It's important to note that this list reflects a traditional view and is not exhaustive. Some countries, like those in Eastern Europe, may be included based on specific contexts. The definition of "Western" can vary significantly depending on cultural, economic, or political perspectives.

Should it be serious or can it be a joke/boutade/exaggeration for comedic effect?

@mariopasquato if people don't realize the joke and the mainstream media reports seriously, then yes

@mariopasquato (Luciana Littizzetto is definitely going to claim to have an AI boyfriend at some point, but mainstream media aren't quite dumb enough to take that seriously, though oh boy aren't they very close to)

Any requirements on notability?

@RobertCousineau only be worthwhile that the mainstream media would report

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