Conditional on a two-front (Lebanon/Syria) war will a NATO country join the war in the side of Israel by Mar/2024?
resolved May 25

Currently, Israel is ready to go to war against Gaza in the south, but there's speculation that Hezbollah/Lebanon or Syria may join the war from the north

In the condition that Israel and Lebanon/Hezbollah or Syria go to war against Israel and we have a two front war, this market resolved to YES if by February 29th 2024, a NATO member joins the war in the side of Israel. This means boots on the ground by such country.

I'll use the Wikipedia and the mainstream media to adjudicate. I won't bet.

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@mods some bug is stopping me from resolving to N/A!

@SG "Negative payouts too large for resolution. Contact admin."

„Hezbollah but not Lebanon“ is sufficient for the condition? I assume this is a big difference for NATO.

@marketwise Hezbollah but not Lebanon is sufficient

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