Will the weights for Stable Diffusion 3 be released (or leaked) before April 30?
May 1

On March 15, then CEO of Stability AI Emad Mostaque announced that SD3 would have a full-release "next month".

However, after several high-profile departures culminating in Emad's resignation as CEO, there has been speculation that Stability is no longer committed to their previous open source strategy.

This question asks: will the weights for Stable Diffusion 3 (any version, of which there are multiple) be released by the end of April, 2024?

For the purpose of this question, it doesn't matter if the weights are officially released by Stability AI or leaked in some way. Even if they are leaked under another name (but given the parameters they strongly match what we expect for Stable Diffusion 3), this question will resolve positive so long as they are somewhere on the internet (bit-torrent, IPFS, the dark web) where a reasonably motivated person could download them.

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from the co-ceo of Stability "Yes, the plan hasn't changed, we are still hard at work improving the model towards open release."