Will MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock price reach $1000 in 2024?
Dec 30

MicroStrategy is an American corporation specializing in business intelligence analytics. In recent years, it has become notable for investing a significant portion of its capital into Bitcoin, viewing it as a store of value and considering this investment their main long term strategy.

Will MSTR stock price reach $1000 in 2024?


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Find it hard to believe you'll get institutional investors now that legit ETF exposure is coming for BTC. Will trade without premium and the company shouldn't be incentived to increase holdings.

If BTC 2x this year tho the asset value would cover, but there's a low delta on that outcome

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30% haircut in one week, gulp

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I’m almost too sure of my NO buy that I might short the stock if it does reach $1,000.

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What happens if there is a stock split?

@mistersplice Presumably should be if the value of one 2023 share reaches 1k

@LightningBee I assume this means > $1000 at any time during 2024, including intraday prices?

If so, the close date seems a bit early; should we keep it open for trading until the answer is known, or was that intentional?

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@EvanDaniel You mean we should close it after Dec 31?

@LightningBee It was originally set to close on Dec 30, 2023, which seemed wrong. I think it's fine to close it shortly after trading in 2024 ends, or shortly before; I don't think it matters a whole lot. I'd tend to recommend closing shortly before just because there's not much value in having people buy it from 98.5% to 99.7% (or 1.5% to 0.3%) right after market close, but either approach is fine.

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