Will MicroStrategy's ($MSTR) stock price reach $5000 by 2025?

MicroStrategy is an American corporation specializing in business intelligence analytics. In recent years, it has become notable for investing a significant portion of its capital into Bitcoin, viewing it as a store of value and considering this investment their main long term strategy.

Will MSTR stock price reach $5000 before January 1 2026?


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predicts NO

Could you clarify how this market will resolve in a stock split or reverse split?

@PlasmaPower What would you suggest? Is there some adjusted measure?

Another option is just to resolve it to $mstr regardless and price that event in

predicts NO

@itsTomekK It'd probably be good for my bet if you didn't adjust it, since there are only two publicly traded companies in the world with stocks worth $5k a share https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0711/the-highest-priced-stocks-in-america.aspx Typically, if a company's stock price increases drastically, they'll split their shares to make it easier to buy them.

That said, I'd recommend simply adjusting the target price based on any stock splits or reverse splits. For instance, if the stock splits 1:10, then this market could resolve YES if the price only hits $500, since a share purchased when this market was created would turn into 10 shares each worth $500 (a total of $5k). On the other hand, if they did a 10:1 reverse split, the stock price would need to hit $50k to reach an effective price of $5k pre-reverse-split.

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