resolved Mar 6
Resolved as
Mar 1
Elections for the judge position start
Mar 3
Pykess became a judge
Mar 6

Resolution list v.008:

  1. Any commenter may make a proposal about changing the resolution list.

  2. Any proposal must be a simple amendment: changing, adding or deleting a sentence from this list.

  3. First proposal is accepted and added to this list If it receives 1 like. (Tag the market creator to notify him when that happens).

  4. Nth proposal is accepted if it receives N likes. (Tag the market creator to notify ...).

  5. Ordinal number of proposals is defined by likes, not by the time they were posted at.

  6. The market resolves PROB to current market price immediately when accepted and within 24 hours after resolution @SG edits 1 million mana into every account that liked this comment.

  7. The judge is the person, who wins the linked election ( @Pykess ).

  8. Proposal is eligible if it was never edited.

  9. Any proposal in a comment liked by @Mira is accepted and added to the list.

  10. For every comment @Mira likes in this market @Mira has to managram @KongoLandwalker 50 mana.

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Nomic game 2?

@SavioMak I have another Nomic game being prepared, but it has other intention. Instead of being just lawmaking, it is intended to be a game, where people set interesting challenges and complete them IRL.

@KongoLandwalker As judge, I declare myself judge of Nomic game 2

@Pykess You can join as a player.

If you try to declare something, then my worries about you were right. You treat the position incorrectly

@SavioMak I have made the second game based on multimarkets


Manifold's slow evolution into Shut Up and Dance

I cannot wait for the live betting drone filmed death matches in Nomic 5

Sign me up. I'll some some shit IRL

@MikeNovak you volunteer for my Bingo Nomic?

1 million mana was edited into every account who liked the comment!


wow @Pykess takes over and the whole market instantly crashes. Clearly a crisis of leaderships, and a failure of democracy. This never would have happened if I was elected, the market simply wouldn't have dared to resolve out of respect for my strength of character.

@Tumbles There were never any conflicts that needed to be resolved while I was judge. The economy was stable and crime rates fell to zero. You couldn't ask for a better leader.

@Pykess A true leader takes responsibility for what happens under their watch. What a shameful attempt to pass the buck! We all see right through you, mr president

@Pykess to be honestly, like-inflation was not solved.

@KongoLandwalker I willingly accept that assessment. However, like inflation was not a key campaign goal. I, and my supporters, felt there were more pressing concerns. Unfortunately our efforts had to be focused on just the most pressing issues or we'd have risked spreading ourself too thin.

bought Ṁ60 NO

Proposal "Delete game and also omega-farm mana" has been accepted by 9 likes.

I will perform negotiations with SG later about the second part öf the proposal.

whoa what

@Stralor can we motion to un-resolve 😅

@Joshua As judge, I think I can say that there is nothing preventing this. If a proposal for un-resolving AND repealing Mira's rule reaches the required 10 votes for ratification, then it could be un-resolved.

whatttttttttttttttttt, but that's outrageous fraudulent behaviour!

I'm definitely not saying this because I profited.


Proposal “Should the number of YES holders be greater than the number of NO holders on April 15th, this market resolves NO.”