Will I find 3-6 volunteers to play my Bingo Nomic game?
resolved Mar 18

The initial rules of the game are on the screenshot.

This game is not pure Nomic, but is heavily moderated to keep the original spirit and to prevent various things: nsfw, offensive, dangerous.

If you volunteer, you should be ok with "face-reveal" or other methods of verification, because it might be necessary to prove completion of some tasks.

One square is prefilled to be an example, other squares are to be filled by the players themselves through rule modifications.

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Found only one person IRL, none through the internet.

Resolves NO because i stop searching.

@KongoLandwalker I would've played! Oh well...

I volunteer only if @Pykess is banned

I don't trust that.... thing 🤢

I volunteer.

@BrunoParga cool! Are you ok with verification principle? For example, if I swam in 4 oceans i would make a video of me jumping into water with recognisible features of 4 specific beaches.

@KongoLandwalker who would see it? Only you?

@BrunoParga other players. Or, the majority of other players would be enough.

I personally plan to post here in comments my videos.

@KongoLandwalker I'll pass on this, but thank you, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun!

@Stralor what do you think about this?

@KongoLandwalker seems like a lot of fun, but likely quite long! how will you handle the regular drop-in drop-out of players like we have around here?

@Stralor the point is self-regulation of the players. If something bothers you, you can introduce a new rule on your turn to target the problem. If I don't want the game to be long, I might propose "The person, who has most points at 15 june, wins" or "the person who doesn't respond for a month loses". And then all players vote whether to accept it.

"How do i handle" - I do not, the game has methods to target any kind of problems if they hurt the game.

bought Ṁ20 NO

I doubt it, but there really is nothing like a good game of nomic, so i'm rooting to lose on this one! (I can't join, sadly)