Who will be the next judge after Kongo in the Nomic game?
resolved Mar 5

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Resolves to the person With most Yes holders.

Cannot resolve to Mira - already is in the government.

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I'd like to congratulate @Pykess on their election as judge. I believe that we as a society can move past this contentious election to ensure a prosperous and fair Nomic game for all.



I am honored to have earned your trust and support. Once the inauguration has completed, I will work to fulfill each and every campaign promise.

For my fellow opposing candidates, those of you who voted against me, or even those of you who actively worked to subvert me: you are all equally members of Nomiciety just the same. I will work to be your judge just as much as I will those who supported me from day one.

I will uphold the rules and resolve conflicts only with extensive consultation from everyone.

Today is just the first step on a long journey to secure the Nomic game for everyone, no matter their standing!

sold Ṁ9 @Pykess NO

What a tight race! Just 2 votes decide the future of the Nomic-society.

A single swing voter from Pykess to me could make a lot of mana in this market!

@nikki @bohaska not too late for a switch? Two voters switching sides would be enough to swing the election it looks like, especially if @KongoLandwalker is willing to sell shares for Pykess

@nikki @bohaska I place my trust in you both that your integrity and honesty will win out over the promise of short-term gains. Remember what we stand for together, and the profits that we stand to gain together. All of that will be lost if we turn against one another.

@Pykess double standards

honesty will win out over the promise of short-term gains

I will pay out M10 to every user who buys any YES shares on my name in this market.

Conveniently leaving out my proposals and promises to keep power in the hands of the people! SAD!

@benshindel Uh, my bet was for the profit, not for the vote, and it looks like I could have made money from a switch, but I was asleep.

@bohaska Not quite, I believe the election was decided by two votes. If you switched you would've lost mana.

soldṀ12@Pykess YES

@MikeNovak Took my incentive then retracted your vote? Does the dishonesty run so deep?

The rest of us will stand strong!

@Pykess true power, little minkus, true power


Remember, the result of the election depends on the amount of yes holders, not on the percentage.


Dear Supporters of The Masses,

Do not let this subversion and sedition fool you. We have come a long way, and my campaign promises still hold true. There is much more to be gained by remaining united than there is by allowing ourselves to become divided. Seek not the short term gains of profit and greed, but instead the long term accomplishments of unity, camaraderie, and also greater extended profit. Ask yourselves if you want the Nomic game to be controlled by just a few of the wealthy and privileged or by you and your fellow peers, working together for fun and mutual profits.

We can either prosper together, or be swallowed whole by those few with power.

Again, I thank you for supporting me this far, and I ask you to deeply consider these points during these last few hours before the deadline.



Seems like an important vote


I will act as a puppet leader for Pykess, so he can play passive politics. I will treat the the position like a presidential one, where dark money really controls what is at play.

@MikeNovak This is libel and you will hear from my lawyers. I will be a fair and just judge for the PEOPLE!


that the people

have the power

to redeem

the work of fools

upon the meek

the graces shower

it's decreed:

the people rule



... rage.

against the pykess of the knight

I recommend voting for @benshindel .

Pykess clearly wants to play active politics instead of just being a judge which steps in when there are conflicts. He treats the position like it is a presidential one, uses political chants. He is literally paying for votes.

soldṀ7@Pykess YES

[Update; in good faith they repayed the election incentive I provided]

Nominate me! I promise nothing, and will keep my promise

bought Ṁ100 @tumbles YES

@Tumbles Done. Do not disappoint me.

bought Ṁ10 @Pykess YES

I nominate myself. I have no stake in the market and was successful in repealing rule 0 (the one that prevented rules from being changed) using the contradiction rule. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

I will pay out M10 to every user who buys any YES shares on my name in this market.

@Pykess If I am elected judge I will:

Rally against any and all veto proposals: no one user should have more power than the masses!

Propose an amendment to change the Mira tax recipient from @KongoLandwalker to myself, with the express promise that I will distribute the taxes equally among those who buy YES on me in this election in a 2-1-1-... split! I.e. if the amount of taxes levied amounts to M100 and two people voted YES for me, I would receive M50 and each of the YES voters would receive M25. I will use the extra mana I receive to recoup the costs of my campaign and increase spending on furthering our cause!

Launch an investigatory board on the public opinion of @Mira's dictatorial ratification clause. If the board finds that this power is unjust or unpopular, I will launch a campaign to repeal it!

sold Ṁ7 @Pykess YES

@Pykess judge is supposed to solve contradictions, not to direct the game into specific direction or have a specific campaign.

@KongoLandwalker How can we hope to solve contradictions with a blatant dictatorial plutocracy!

I will resolve conflicts justly and fairly in the letter of the law if they arise, but what better way to resolve such conflicts than prevent them from happening in the first place?


@KongoLandwalker You make a good point in that I should clarify somewhat what I mean by campaign/etc:

I will follow the votes of the people and the rules of the law as they exist. It will be my upmost priority to uphold the spirit of the market.

However, if I were elected judge, my word would carry farther and allow the plight of the people to be heard by many more! I run on a platform of empowering the people via representing them from a place in the government, not on one of attempting to subvert the law as it stands.

A vote for me is a vote for oneself!