Will a light grow Cannabis by itself before end of 2034

Few things:

  • Set up of grow environment must occur before cotyledons appear.

  • After Initial set up Humans can't interact with it. Not even to refill water, nutrients or make changes to prepare or recover from an emergency like a power outage or flood.

  • Timers can't be used to automate anything (light needs to use sensors to understand the environment and plant needs. Then make decisions on when to water, how much light and when to reducing the hours of light for flowering.

  • AI or scripts that respond to data provided by sensors are fine.

  • Sensors not directly attached to the light are fine.

  • The light can't be the sun.

One of the last challenges is cost and availability of sensors capable of accurately detecting pigment levels and turgor pressure. Then it's only a matter of time.

This market closes on 4-20-2030 and will resolve at the end of 2034 if it hasn't resolved Yes at close time.

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Definitely do-able, this chamber already has a lot of the automation. I agree just a matter of time. The next big step is machine vision that can identify the colors of the plant, droopy leaves, etc. using a camera, and then adjust environmental conditions.

@Cosmic1 Haha, I fixed it, I think

@KeenenW haha awesome. Thanks :)

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Very cool concept. Seems do-able, not necessarily for cannabis unless highly motivated. Does legalization take away the previous black market financial incentives?

@SusanneinFrance I think Yes and No. Instead of 1 guy running a large scale grow operation illegally. I expect more people will grow their own or for loved ones as laws on cultivation are lifted.

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