Will the next UK general election result in a hung parliament?
closes 2025

IE no overall majority

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Will the Tories win the next general election?17%
Will there be a hung parliament following the 2023 NZ election?19%
Will the UK Conservative party win the next election?39%
Which party will win an overall majority at the next UK general election?
Will Jeremy Hunt lose his seat at the next general election?42%
Will a general election take place in the UK in 2023?5%
Will there be a parliamentary election in the UK before 2024?8%
What goverment will form after the next UK general election?
Will any party or independent that didn’t win a seat in the 2019 U.K. general election in Great Britain win a seat in the next general election in Great Britain?36%
Will the Reform UK party win any seats in the next UK general election?23%
Will the U.K. Conservative Party win fewer than 100 seats at the next general election?24%
If Tom Tugendhat is the leader of the Conservative Party going into the next UK general election, will the Conservative Party win?40%
If Boris is still the leader of the Tories, will they win a majority in the next general election?31%
Will a UK party that doesn't yet exist gain over 50k members before the next UK General Election?13%
Will the UK Treasury get split up before the next election?7%
Will the Conservatives win the next by-election?5%
Will the Liberal Democrats be the third-largest party at the next UK general election?40%
Will Theresa May lose her seat at the next general election?22%
Will Michael Gove lose his seat at the next general election?22%
Will the SNP and the Liberal Democrats form an electoral pact for the next UK general election?11%