Will Trump's running mate acknowledge the Vice President's purely ceremonial role in election certification before 2025?

This question resolves Yes if Trump names a running mate for the 2024 presidential election and then that running mate acknowledges on the record that Vice President's role in the election certification process is purely ceremonial. If this does not happen before 2025, this question resolves No.

This could take several forms, such as:

  • Showing approval Mike Pence's actions in January 2021, even if this is just in the form of saying he didn't do anything wrong.

  • Answering "yes" if asked if they understand that the Vice President's role is purely ceremonial, and not adding some caveat after that.

  • Committing to not disrupting the electoral count in 2029 if they are VP for that certification.

I imagine that they will certainly be asked about this, but if they are not asked and don't say anything about this then this will still resolve No at the end of of the year. This question does not resolve N/A.

This question will resolve yes immediately if the criteria are met, so it might do so and then the VP nominee later walks back their comments after Trump yells at them or something. That would not change the resolution. Also note that I am not counting any remarks made before someone is announced as Trump's running mate.

As there may be some ambiguity in this question, I will not trade here so as to keep myself unbiased.

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Does this include comments made before their selection?

@Luvexina Good question, I think I will edit the rules to require that they have to do this after having been named as the running mate as that was my intention.