resolved Sep 23

It seems like a gathering of those who have a lot of mana and who claim to know the future is a good place to meet a wizard. This resolves Yes if I meet someone distinctly wizard-y, No if I meet no one at all wizard-y, and 50% if I'm unsure whether the people I meet are wizard-y enough enough to justify a full Yes or No.

I imagine that a Wizard is someone significantly older than me with a lot of facial hair who is wise and mysterious. A hat, walking stick, and animal companion are also all possible signs of wizard-ness. Ability to perform acts of magic is also a bonus, although one could be a magician without being a wizard.

A wizard can also be of any gender, although I'd typically expect a pointed nose, some moles, and long fingernails from a feminine wizard. But as with the other criteria, none of these is a requirement.

It is okay if I meet the wizard outside of Manifest itself, as long as it's still on my trip to Berkely from Friday-Monday.

I may post comments when I spot possible wizards, although I may not go out of my way to talk to them as the conference will probably be pretty busy.

As this is entirely vibes-based, I will not trade on this market.

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Eliezer was quite wizardly

We used to just call them Linux developers, but sure, I bet you'll see one in Berkeley

That's a compelling case!

I'm going long on wizards


"I put on my robe and wizard hat"

Shel is clearly charisma based and therefore a bard, sorcerer, or warlock.

@Joshua Where are the questions for those classes? Also fighter, paladin, druid, and thief?

Just to be contrarian, I made one for a Barbarian:

does it count if they only astral project to manifest?

Hmmm no I would need to physically meet the wizard.

gotta change my bet now smh

predicted NO

what if it's just a wizard's simulacrum that is convincing enough to fool you that it is actually the real wizard?