Which public figures will self-identify as "polyamorous" or "ethically non-monogamous" before August?
Aug 2
Miley Cyrus
Kristen Stewart
Sam Altman

Rumors will not count, no matter how substantiated. A name resolves yes if there is a quote from the person saying describing themselves as practicing "polyamory", "ethical non-monogamy", or "relationship anarchy".

I may also count it if they are listed on Wikipedia's List of Polyamorists, which I expect to filter out gossip and only including notable people. But if Wikipedia does a poor job at this I might still require a direct quote to resolve a name yes.

It does not count if someone is "seeing multiple people", "taking a break", "in a situationship", etc without saying they are Poly/ENM. I will also not count "in an open marriage" or swinging. This is only for the newfangled kind of poly/ENM, and the connotations with those specific terms.

I'll N/A things on a case-by-case basis for quality control. Please try to submit plausible candidates, don't add someone and then immediately buy them down to 1%.

It's okay to add people after you find a quote that resolves to Yes though, if they are sufficiently famous that they'd be an interesting data point for the market. It needs to be a recent quote for those cases, though. It doesn't count if someone said they were poly 10 years ago and now they might not be.

Any self-identified poly/ENM people will resolve Yes, and everyone else will resolve No on August 1st 2024

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hes making it for august, its def going to be a prize market lol

@strutheo Oh God no

@Joshua 2026 is just too far away

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