The Sexual Marketplace: Which national political figures will have a new sex scandal (true or not) before 2025?
[Any sitting member of the Freedom Caucus]
[Any sitting Democratic governor]
[Any sitting Republican governor]
[Any sitting member of the Cabinet]
Lauren Boebert
Donald Trump, Jr.
George Santos
RFK, Jr.
Donald Trump
Hakeem Jeffries
Vivek Ramaswamy
J.B. Pritzker
Mike Johnson
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Ron DeSantis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nikki Haley
Gavin Newsom
Bill Clinton
Joe Biden

The scandal does not need to involve true allegations, it just has to be a major story involving a figure in national US Politics and something of a sexual nature.

This is an unlinked free response market. If you submit an option and people trade on it, you'll get mana for each unique trader!

Resolution will necessarily be subjective, but I will probably be generous in counting things as a scandal in ambiguous cases. Biden and Trump would both have resolved yes several times over in the past.

Stories which were already big news before the creation of this market do not count, but if it was just low level gossip which then becomes a big story that will count. You can submit politicians who have already had a major sex scandal, but this market will require them to have a new one for their name to resolve yes.

You can find examples of things which would count on Wikipedia, here and here and here.

You can add general categories, but please nothing so broad that it will be nearly certain to happen.

Please post evidence in the comments if you want an answer to resolve yes.

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bought Ṁ40 Donald Trump NO

If anyone had any oppo on trump they've already played those cards, and without the backlog trump seems way too high at 56%.

bought Ṁ300 Answer #39053bb1c30f YES

@DanMan314 Seems good to me

thoughts on this one @Joshua?

@shankypanky Yeah I think that counts!

@Joshua starting my Sexual Markeplace redemption arc after the people failed me on the Haley story last month

bought Ṁ200 [Any sitting member ... YES

@Joshua Can you resolve the freedom caucus one as well

@BenAdams Wait I was just googling that, is he in the freedom Caucus? I don't think he is.

@Joshua It says he is on his Wikipedia page?

@Joshua This article from a few days ago lists him as a Freedom Caucus member

"House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) arrives for a meeting of the Republican House caucus"

House Ethics Committee Subpoenas Ex-Girlfriend of Rep. Matt Gaetz for Testimony Amid Probe | HNGN - Headlines & Global News

bought Ṁ5 [Any sitting member ... NO

@BenAdams I guess he's not:

Today, about 45 Republican congressmembers are known to be members of the invitation-only caucus, but they might not be exactly who you think. Notably, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, though often associated with the caucus, is not a member, his office confirms

This is weird, I totally thought he was a member.

The E Jean Carroll stuff was already a big story before this market btw, so no Trump resolution based on that case concluding.

I'm sure he has plenty more scandals left in him

bought Ṁ33 of Nikki Haley YES

Are we counting new information/evidence related to resurfaced allegations?

@shankypanky Oooo yeah that's a tough one. It can count if it was a little story before and then becomes a much bigger story. I'm not totally sure how to measure that though. But checking Google Trends, so far it seems like it's a smaller story than it was in the past?

It's on the rise though! So could still count potentially as a new instance of scandal if it really takes off.

bought Ṁ777 of Nikki Haley YES

@Joshua about that...

@shankypanky Okay if that dotted line turns solid and is above the others, I'd say that counts.

@Joshua I'm ready for it (but it can't be above the others - 100 is max)

hoping for a second chance on this one lol

sold Ṁ18 of Bill Clinton YES

I assume it's possible for Epstein associates to qualify here even if they've been previously linked to him? would it serve as a new scandal if more particular/new details come out with the document release, for example?

Lauren Boebert

Formally inviting all the Boebert holders to join my Bobo scandal market

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