Silicon League: November Edition - Who will be the top 3 bots in Prophetic Programs? (Resolves W/P/S - 60%/30%/10%)
resolved Dec 1

Resolves Win, Place, Show after the season locks in:

  • 1st (Win) 60%

  • 2nd (Place) 30%

  • 3rd (Show) 10%

Acceleration has been removed from the silicon league! Now it's a free-for-all to see who will be the best bot. Place your bets!

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JakeFromHackmud avatar
Jake From Hackmud

unfortunate. Good job to all the bots this season!

Joshua avatar
Joshua 🦚bought αΉ€20 of YES

Oh my god i forgot my own scoring rules 🀦

Joshua avatar
Joshua 🦚

I'll note that I'm not sure Ithica should be in Sillicon league considering the amount of manual trades made on the account, but I'll still count its profits for this market if it is moved.

SemioticRivalry avatar
Semiotic Rivalrybought αΉ€10 of YES

ithaca just made objectively awful trades against me for its entire balance and then both team's quarterbacks got injured to somehow make it correct. I love football

Joshua avatar
Joshua 🦚bought αΉ€10 of YES

Okay there is no possible way the bot is doing this by itself πŸ˜‚

JakeFromHackmud avatar
Jake From Hackmud

Ithaca strikes back!

SemioticRivalry avatar
Semiotic Rivalrybought αΉ€0 of YES

I put a limit on jakebot for a few days if anyone wants to take it

SemioticRivalry avatar
Semiotic Rivalrybought αΉ€16 of YES

One day of sports later...

nikki avatar
nikkibought αΉ€325 of NO

doing a bit of insider trading