Will a military power declassify/acknowledge an aircraft that is in use today (18 Aug 23) by 18 Aug 24?
Aug 19
  • If an airframe is acknowledged as "in service" but the specific service dates are not acknowledged, this resolves YES.

  • This is for NEW acknowledgements/declassifications only: the USA saying "yeah the B-2 exists" does not count.

  • Leaks and foreign intelligence do NOT count: if e.g. Russia or some guy on Twitter talks about the USA's B-4 stealth bomber, this is not an acknowledgement.

  • Concept/test aircraft do NOT count; the acknowledgement must be that the aircraft is in military service as of 18 Aug 23.

  • "Military power" is a little subjective, but suffice it to say that if they're in the UN, they're good.

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