Will the Netherlands suffer a catastrophic flooding event before 31st December 2030?

The Netherlands is facing significant challenges in relation to water management and a changing climate. Although technologies and systems to manage the risks are well established and in place, these mitigations may or may not be sufficient to prevent a catastrophic flooding event.

For the purposes of this market the definition of a catastrophic event is EITHER;

1) €100m or more in directly attributable property damage

2) the directly attributable loss of 10 or more human lives

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Potentially silly question... is this limited to the European territory of the Kingdom?

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@BrunoParga Good question, and yes this is only the parts of the Kingdom on the European mainland (the bit below sea level and at risk of flooding)

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it looks like this may have happened in 2021, so more likely than I would have thought at first https://nos.nl/artikel/2447911-extremer-weer-kost-verzekeraars-steeds-meer-geld

@StevenK 100m in damages is a pretty low bar. Hurricane Katrina did around $100b damage, 1000 times more. I'm not betting because I don't have a good intuition for these "small" flooding events.

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define catastrophic?

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@StevenK good point, thanks. I've defined this and edited the description

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