In Inside Out 2, will Riley and this new character kiss?
Jun 16

Resolves YES, if in Inside Out 2 either Riley kisses this new character or this new character kisses Riley (or both).

The kiss must either happen on screen or be unambiguously referenced or implied in the original English voice acting version (via audio, dialogue, English subtitles, or visuals) as a part of canonical in-world events (i.e. a dream sequence will not count). The scene must be in the movie, but may be during or after the credits).

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I don't think "teenage character wants to impress the popular kid" even qualifies as queerbaiting.

A kiss between friends? A kiss as a consequence of an "accident"?

@Emanuele676 Both YES

@JimHays Even as a greeting?

@Emanuele98 Yes. It must be a canonical event though. A dream sequence or drawing would not count

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