Will I get a girlfriend by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

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If I start dating her before the end of the year, but we don't become official until after, it still counts.

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First date with new BLK match confirmed for tomorrow afternoon at the art gallery.

Stood up / ghosted

Scratch that, I'm not ghosted, she said she forgot and wasn't getting notifications and gave me her number

I spammed happy Easter messages on Facebook Dating and got eighteen replies

Reply quickly, I can iterate in this photo booth

Got a date with a 35 year old woman tomorrow (Sunday), planning to get dinner and drinks. I'm more optimistic about this one, since she seems quite interested in me, based on the way she's been messaging me. She said "Sameee you definitely interest me 👀 😘" and asked for my number, so that's a good sign. Her WooPlus profile lists her as "Supersized", the biggest classification.

We made out.

She's been busy


Installing WooPlus now

Got a date tonight with a girl from a local singles Facebook group. That's a first.


Has anyone tried speed dating? Seems like it has a relatively favorable ratio. Whitepilling if true.

@benjaminIkuta seems like it's only old people 😕

Got a Bumble date with an asian girl at a cafe at 5 pm. She seems nice and responsive.

Date was normal. Hugged hello and goodbye, briefly put my arm around her, walked around a bit, gave her my number.

Whoooo! She wants to meet again. Now I just gotta figure out a date idea for tomorrow.

She cancelled 😭

Second date, went for sushi. Conversation flowed easily enough. Still only a brief hug hello and goodbye, but she did say she wants to see me again, so idk. Maybe it's because she's religious.

Anyway, I'm not optimistic about this girl. Touching is the clearest sign of affection, and all the girls in the past who I've ended up intimate with were at least a little touchy on the first date, even if it's just a close hug or something. And all the girls I've gone on several dates with without any physical affection other than chaste hugs have ended up just seeing me as a platonic friend.


I match with a girl on Facebook Dating and suggest we meet at 1 pm on Saturday. She says she's busy then but free any day next week. I propose we meet on Tuesday instead and she agrees. (The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday) I message her that I'm on my way. She says omfg????? I thought you meant after work. I say whoops, sorry. No problem, when will you be available tonight? And then she unmatches me.

Whoooo! Got a date with a hot Black girl from BLK tonight. We're going to get drinks. Her profile says she's looking for "something casual".

@BenjaminIkuta Good luck!

@derikk I got stood up

@BenjaminIkuta Sorry to hear that :(

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