Will Nayib Bukele win El Salvador's 2024 elections?
resolved Feb 5

Nayib Bukele is El Salvador's current president (known internationally for making of El Salvador the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender).

He has announced his candidacy for reelection, which is banned by the constitution but has allowed by a favorable ruling from the country's Supreme Court.

This will be resolved according to the official ruling of the authorized government authority - The Tribunal Supremo Electoral -.

This market resolves once the TSE gives its official veredict for the 2024 election.

Dec 20, 2:30pm: Will Nayib Bukele win El Salvador's 2024 elections? → Will Nayib Bukele win El Salvador's 2024 elections?

Close date updated to 2024-06-01 12:00 pm

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With 70% of the ballots counted, Bukele's official lead of 1,662,313 votes vs the FMLN's 139,025 votes is unsurmountable.

The official results could take days, so I'm solving YES now.

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Create duplicate market that closes on 1/14 (but resolves after the election) since this was added to the Matt Ygelsias dashboard, so that we can compare Manifold vs Ygelsias calibration:

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