Will a robot complete a surgery with no human intervention before 2030?

The robot can be under Human supervision but the human can't interfere in any way.

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I'm betting no for purely legal reasons: there's just not much advantage in having the doctor be fully not involved

Is a nurse leading a patient to the chair or table, helping them undress/etc, "interference"?

@Adam If it’s only for a few steps then yes but if the human has to constantly check to see if it can proceed then no

@Adam Sorry this was meant to be a reply to your previous comment to answer this one since it isn’t part of the surgery it wouldn’t count as interference

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@JamesF so by this criteria, a current-gen LASIK machine would not qualify because the surgeon has to hold the foot pedal, correct? Would a lasik machine where the surgeon presses a green button to start it, and has a big red E-stop button to stop it, but doesn't have to hold a dead-mans switch, count?

@Adam Yeah but there has to be at least one surgery where the surgeon did to have to stop it

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@JamesF thanks for all the clarifications, I know hashing out the specifics on a high-level question like this can be tricky

@Adam I prefer people asking questions now instead of when it resolves

Is the supervising doctor allowed to press "okay" or "accept" as part of the supervision, with the robot waiting to proceed? Or does it have to be entirely passive supervision?

@JamesF I’m assuming this only includes surgery done on living humans, not cadavers or on animals (dead or alive), correct?

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