Which celebrity will die last in chronological order
Dick Van Dyke (Dec 13, 1925)
Jimmy Carter (Oct 1, 1924)
Mel brooks (Jun 28, 1926)
Warren Buffet (Aug 30, 1930)
James Earl Jones (Jan 17, 1931)
Ali Khamenei (Apr 19, 1939)
King Charles (Nov 14, 1948)
Nancy Pelosi (Mar 26, 1940)
Rudy Giuliani (May 28, 1944)
Donald Trump (Jun 14, 1946)
Martin Scorsese (Nov 17, 1942)
Joe Biden (Nov 20, 1942)
Mitch McConnell (Feb 20, 1942)
Tom Hanks (Jul 9, 1956)
Michael Bloomberg (Feb 14, 1942)
Paul McCartney (Jun 18, 1942)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Oct 21, 1949)
Stephen King (Sep 21, 1947)
Steven Spielberg (Dec 18, 1946)
Hillary Clinton (Oct 26, 1947)

Each Person Will go up one percentage point for when they die

starting at 1% and working upward.

1% dies first

2% dies second


100% dies last

The last Celebrity who dies will resolve 100% even if they haven't died yet.

If I become convinced that All humans will live forever no matter what I will resolve all to 100%. (I assume this has an extremely low chance of happening)

If the close date needs I will extend it.

The date in the parentheses is their Birth Date

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"If I become convinced that All humans will live forever no matter what I will resolve all to 100%. (I assume this has an extremely low chance of happening)"

This is confusing and bullshit.

@NielS I just want to have established something for a theoretical future this will almost definitely not happen

No Jagger and no Richards?

Also, given how much Manifold loves analyzing the health of Jimmy Carter, I'm surprised he's so high at 34% right now — when realistically he should probably be at, like, 9%.

And I'm surprised Tom Hanks is all the way down at 29% right now lol, when he should probably be a bit higher (and DEFINITELY above Mitch McConnell etc)

@PaintspotInfez Would have finished the job but i ran out of money

I'm so stupid he's dead I'm going to N/A and add someone sorry

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Haha, all good lol

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I know this would be a huge task, but it'd be VERY helpful if each person had their birthdate (or even their birth year) next to them lol

@PaintspotInfez Great Idea I'll get to it

Stephen King (Sep 21, 1947)

His name is spelled Stephen and not Steven

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Also, it's "Mohamm[e]d Bin Salman" and not "Mohamm[a]d Bin Salman"

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And it's "Ya[hy]a Sinwar" and not "Ya[yh]a Sinwar"

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And it's "Eli[eze]r Yu[dk]owsky" and not "El[izie]r Yu[d]owsky"

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@JamesF - oops, i forgot to move the [i] to be within the brackets that showed where the typo was: it's "El[ie]zer" and not "El[e]zer" :D

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and "Arnault" and not "Arnult".

It's spelled Tarantino and not Terentino

Most sources spell it "Vo[lodymy]r Zelensk[yy]" and not "Vo[ldimi]r Zelensk[y]"

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It's spelled Cristiano not Christiano.

It's spelled Britney not Brittney.

You might want to change this from "SBF" to "Sam Bankman-Fried" so that people who aren't crypto-bros know who the hell that is lol

It's spelled "Barack" not "Barak"

@PaintspotInfez thanks for the spell checking!

nice one

It's spelled "Jinping" not "Jin[g]ping"