Manifold prisoners dilemma
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I am going to be running a version of the prisoners dilemma on manifold. The first ten people to comment will be participants. I will break up the ten people into two teams of five. Then I will send the five participants the link to a manifold poll that’s not publicly listed so the only way to get it is through the link. If I find this is flawed I will find another polling method. The way it works is one option will be split the other will be steal if both teams choose split everyone will get an equal share of the bounty. If both teams choose steal no one gets any bounty. If one team chooses split and the other chooses steal the team that choose steal will get all of the bounty. If this gets good reception and someone else contributes to the bounty then I will raise the number of participants.

If I find anyone cheating by sharing the poll link or a screenshot of the poll then I will call this round off and choose ten different people.

However all other forms of communication are okay so promises or payments are allowed so feel free to interact however you want. The market I create off of this on the outcome will remain open after the poll ends so if you bet to try and trick the other team you can change it.

link to market about this.

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I’d like to join


Count me in!

  • I'm in

Everyone split congratulations

The polls are now out please respond to them promptly.

When do the polls close? What if not all members vote?

i will wait a day or two to make the polls so everyone can discuss with their team and with the other team.



One more spot

can you add more iterations next time? if there’s only one iteration then it only makes sense to defect, since defecting will make sure you either tie or win but cooperating makes you tie or lose

can we add to the bounty?
also if it’s a poll it’s allowed for people on the same team to do idfferent stuff from the rest of the team

cool idea (dnt add me this time)

also, next time could you make more than one split or steal? it becomes more fun