Manifold lottery redistributive association
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Let's collectively exploit the Manifold Lottery!

You can join by adding at least 250 mana to the bounty and writing in the comments what amount of mana you added to the Manifold Lottery bounty. You will get the mana you put into this bounty + 10 mana after the Lottery resolves.

If you are part of the association and win, you are required to add 90% of the profit to this bounty, after which it will be redistributed according to the proportion of mana added to the Lottery bounty, within this association. Additionally, you would receive the sum of the remaining mana after the 250+10 "trust mana" (idk any financial terminology) has been returned.

If you betray, your "trust mana" will be redistributed among the other members.

If your balance is <350 for >2 days, you have the option to add only 100 mana as your "trust mana".

Any optimal strategy ideas or other game theoretic implications of this market are strongly encouraged to be written in the comments and may be awarded according to my judgment of their interestingness.


trade high risk/high profit for less risk/lower profit on the Manifold Lottery by adding 250 mana to this bounty + most likely increase the expected value of your betted mana!



Manifold Lottery
To enter this Manifold Lottery, you must add Ṁ to the bounty. However much Mana you add to the bounty is the number of tickets you purchase. Then, in the comments, write how much bounty you have added, and it will be recorded. For instance, "100 Mana" would be an acceptable comment (if you contributed 100 Mana, that is). If you would like to purchase more tickets, add more bounty and then write the TOTAL bounty you have contributed so far! It is not necessary, but it helps a lot! To add bounty, press the three dots in the top right, and the button should be there! To calculate who wins, I will use a randomly generated number from 1 - Total Ṁ bounty, assigning each person the amount of numbers of Ṁ they purchased. All of this will be shown when resolving. If one of your numbers gets chosen, you will win the lottery. The bounty will be awarded in a week (Aug 15), but if activity seems to be going strong, will lengthen. For instance, if Bob adds 100 Mana to the bounty, then he will get 100 numbers that can be chosen. Because this bounty starts with Ṁ100, the final number will be chosen from Ṁ100 - ṀTotal, so that there are no numbers with no matching person. If there is something unclear, please let me know! Lottery Holders (by number of tickets): @ChadwickMiller - 1069 Tickets 👑 @SemioticRivalry - 101 Tickets @nickten - 100 Tickets @Morch - 100 Tickets @ShadowyZephyr - 69 Tickets @UFTG - 42 Tickets @Mirek - 39 Tickets @LBeesley - 31 Tickets @cloe - 20 Tickets @jeremiahsamroo 18 Tickets @Logaems - 17 Tickets @JosephNoonan - 12 Tickets @CamillePerrin - 10 Tickets @anonymous 10 Tickets @cece - 8 Tickets @mana - 5 Tickets @cc6 - 5 Tickets @Conflux - 1 Ticket @Tetra - 1 Ticket @jbca - 1 Ticket @zweezwee - 1 Ticket @MrLuke255 - 1 Ticket
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