Will DeepMind publish their alignment plan before 2024?
closes 2024

Similar to this market, which resolved to YES due to this post from Anthropic. The plan must receive official endorsement from DeepMind (unlike this talk) and must be available for the public.

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Will there be credible reports of major, successful IP theft against DeepMind by the end of 2023?8%
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Will someone not at Deepmind or Alphabet have access to a Deepmind chatbot or LLM by the end of 2023?91%
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In 2023, will OpenPhilanthropy post a blog post/research update describing concrete progress on AI alignment due to one of their grants?37%
Will another organization surpass OpenAI in the public sphere of awareness of AI progress by the end of 2024?32%
Will OpenAI be acquired by 2040?33%
Will OpenAI have the best LLM in 2024?70%