Is the universe infinite in extent?

Resolved yes if there is essentially a consensus among physicists that the universe is infinite, and no if there is essentially a consensus that it is finite. Does not refer to universes outside of our own, but does refer to the space outside of the observable universe.

Will resolve as soon as this consensus is reached, which might be well before the closing date. Resolves N/A if there is no consensus reached by 3000-02-05.

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Even if it is infinite, it’s doubtful that most physicists will agree that it is; in the interest of making mana I’m betting no.

Might be

I strongly doubt this is in any way provable.

@ProjectVictory if we find that the universe has negative spatial curvature on large scales, does that not imply it's infinite?

Are you counting an inflationary multiverse (eternal inflation) as different universes or the same universe but outside the observable universe?

@Fion Same universe, since they are topologically connected, as far as I understand