What week will my baby be born? (Spring 2024)
May 1
March 17–23
March 24–30
March 31–April 6
April 7–13
March 10–16

Answer will resolve when I’m able to get a few minutes after taking the fresh baby home.

My wife is 5ish months pregnant with our first child. Her due date is 4/2/2024. For those who don’t know it’s very rare to deliver on the exact due date. Progress of the pregnancy: she was very sick for the first half, and has been feeling much better since week 20 or so. So far mom and baby are healthy.

I’m 32 and she’s 30. We have a doula.

Happy to answer any more questions you think are relevant in the comments.

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Thanks all for the well wishes, so far mom and baby are healthy, but mom may be developing gestational diabetes. She failed the first test, so she will have another test to confirm in a week or so. What that means is that baby may be growing big, and quickly, potentially reducing the womb time.

@JacobSztraicher She failed the second test, so she officially has gestational diabetes. No indication for what this means abt birthday

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Congratulations! Betting they’re born the same week as me!

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@rolemartyrx Thank you! We’re very excited