Will it be possible to sequence a full human genome for US$50 by 2026?
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Only way this will happen is if nanopores get significantly cheaper / longer-lived, on top of way more accurate. Doesn't seem like the technology is moving fast enough.

Drawing a straight line through the "The Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome" graph shows that it would be at least 200 USD. Betting NO.

What counts as a full genome? T2T (telomere to telomere) or simply as complete as one of the earlier references like hg38? Does it have to be a phased assembly or not? Does short reads count, or rather the way the industry is moving with long-read and HiFi-based assembly? the specifications are too vague.

@AlexisWalidAhmed A reference-based approach is fine, phased assembly is not needed, nor is long-read/HiFi. This seems to me to be in line with ongoing conversations in genomics, but I would caveat this is only a field I am tangentially involved in. Does that sounds reasonable?

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