How will Sam Altman's legacy be perceived in 2034?
Generally Positive
Generally Negative

In this market, participants will be betting on how Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and former president of Y Combinator, will be remembered as a person and leader a decade from now, in the year 2034.

Participants will be asked to predict whether Sam Altman's character will be viewed as:

A. Generally positive: This would mean that Sam Altman is widely regarded as a visionary leader, a person of integrity, and a force for good. His leadership style, personal values, and public persona would be seen as admirable and inspiring. He would be remembered as someone who used his influence and resources to make a positive impact on the world, and his character would be a significant part of his lasting legacy.

B. Mixed: A mixed perception of Sam Altman's character would suggest that there are both admirable and controversial aspects to his personality and leadership. While he may be recognized for some positive qualities, such as his vision or work ethic, there would also be significant criticism of his character, such as questionable decisions, lack of transparency, or personal controversies. The public would have a divided opinion on whether he was ultimately a good person and leader.

C. Generally negative: A generally negative perception of Sam Altman's character would indicate that he is primarily remembered for his personal flaws, controversies, or unethical behavior. This could be due to scandals, abuse of power, or a lack of integrity in his personal and professional life. His leadership would be seen as harmful or toxic, and any positive aspects of his character would be overshadowed by the negative perception.

The market will be evaluated based on a balanced assessment of expert opinions, media coverage, and public sentiment regarding Sam Altman's character in 2034. Factors to consider may include his leadership style and decisions, personal values and integrity, public persona and reputation, and the way he handled successes and failures throughout his career. The evaluation will focus on his character as a person, rather than solely on the outcomes of his work and projects.

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