Will Jimmy Carter be alive at the end of the day on April 15?
resolved Apr 17

Changes are coming to a Jimmy market near you. - Just a couple more things. All changes will be done by Mar 7 or so or later than that or never. Prob at some point.

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Resolves Yes if Jimmy is alive at 11:59 PM EST on Apr 15 2024

Resolves No if Jimmy isn't alive at 11:59 PM EST on Apr 15 2024

Recent Jimmy Facts

#47 - President Carter is a sixth cousin once removed to Elvis Presley

#46 - Started in 1991, The Carter Center's Mental Health Program aims to combat stigma surrounding mental illness and improve access to mental health care globally.

#45 - President Jimmy Carter was inducted into the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame on November 9 at the 64th UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Alumni Association Awards.

#44 - Effective March 4, 2024 the Jimmy Carter Library museum will be open Monday – Saturday, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

#43 - James Earl Carter Sr, Jimmy's Father, passed away on July 22 1953 due to pancreatic cancer. Fifteen days after Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn's 7th Anniversary.

#42 - On Oct 9, 1953 Jimmy Carter was honorably discharged at his own request after serving 7 years, 4 months and 8 days. One day later he was appointed to US Naval Reserve and placed on inactive duty.

#41 - 3 years after he was promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) Jimmy Carter was promoted again on June 01, 1952 to the rank of Lieutenant.

#40 - On June 5th, 1949 Jimmy Carter was promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.)

#39 - From Aug 8, 1946 to July 23, 1947 Jimmy Carter served aboard USS Wyoming (E-AG17).

#38 - While at the Naval Academy, Jimmy Carter was an active member of the varsity soccer team.

#37 - Before going to the United States Naval Academy Jimmy Carter studied Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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