Will Jimmy Carter Die during 2024

Resolves Yes if Jimmy dies during 2024

Resolves No if Jimmy doesn't die in 2024

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Vote for Jimmy! Underrated at 16%!

Empirically, there is a more than 90-95% chance that he does.

@GazDownright share your poll on this on dude, it will be up the whole year

There hasn’t been any meaningful news since the ‘one year in hospice’ thing and even then, I take the last actual piece of news to have been his wife’s funeral. I suspect he’s basically on (figurative) life support . It’s only a question of when his son, whose Christian faith seems strong, agrees to pull the (figurative) plug.

@NicoDelon there aren't any "plugs" in hospice. The point of hospice is providing only care that makes the dying person comfortable.

@kenmichaels It’s a metaphorical plug (comment edited). There are decisions to make and at this point I doubt they’re Jimmy’s to make.

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