Will Manifold have a good search function by the end of 2023?

The search box right now seems to be searching the title, text, and comments of markets, plus username of the market creator, and maybe other things too, resulting in a huge number of false positives. This makes it frustrating to find the markets I want to find; I might remember a word from the market's name, but have to scroll through 50 unrelated markets that have that word in a comment somewhere. (A recent example is that I wanted to search for a market that was about a certain user, and had to scroll through every market that was created by that user.)

This market resolves to YES if, by the end of the year, I no longer find the search function particularly frustrating and can easily find the things I want to find.

See last year's market for more specific complaints and discussion.

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Isaac King

The Destiny markets still don't show up in the search results, and who knows what other results are missing. I consider both search boxes completely untrustworthy at this point; a lack of search results means very little about whether that market actually exists.

Betting down a little since as far as I know Manifold hasn't tried to fix anything in the past several weeks.

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 71%

Made a market about this specific issue, since I think it's currently the most problematic one.

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 76%

Apparently the current two search functions can return different results on the exact same input.

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Isaac Kingis predicting YES at 80%

Just searched for "destiny magic 100", and got no results.


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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 78%

The fact that this market has gotten a lot of traders recently feels like it should have made the probability go up?

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Sinclair Chen

There's also no way to search for strings that include a space.

This is false. Market searches with spaces and exact searches have been possible for months using quotes. I've also just added it to the quick search.

Exclusion searches like coin -crypto are possible as well (and have been for months.) See algolia's documentation on this.

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 60%

@Sinclair Good to know! I was unaware. I thought I had tested to see if quotes worked and found that they had not, but either I tested before that functionality was added, or I made a mistake somewhere.

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 60%

Amazing. They made it worse.

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Sinclair Chenbought Ṁ50 of YES

@IsaacKing you can still use the old search page. sorry it isn't very discoverable.

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Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 60%

@Sinclair I appreciate that still being an option. (I usually find myself navigating to the homepage first, which takes a while to load, then clicking "browse markets" in order to search.)

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Edward Kmett

@Sinclair It has lost a bit of functionality there too. You used to be able to search by Highest/Lowest %.