Will I be trustworthy by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Right now I'm only trustworthyish.

Edit: And now I'm neither.

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Uh watch out for this one guys. No ish.

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@Joshua Looks like it’s about the badge. They have the badge.

@oh Read carefully!!

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@Joshua This is ridiculous

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@oh I mean I agree as the guy who bought it to 99% and then realized and sold lol. I'm buying a bit more yes in case he decides to count the Moderator badge as "trustworthy" which I think would be reasonable but idk what he'll do.

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This market made more sense back when the badge had the old name. :P

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Just to confirm, this is about you getting a trustworthy badge on Manifold?

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Trust worthy relative to what? Trustworthy with what goals or expectations? What are your metrics?

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@ES221712 I see, it is decided by the magis of Manifold.

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@IsaacKing but is this “Austin” character even that trustworthy??

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@Conflux Well they don't have a badge stating as much, that's for sure.