Will there be any downside to deleting our Firestore indexes?
resolved Apr 10
(Conditional on us actually deleting our indices) @James claims 10% but I'm a bit more skeptical Apr 29, 5:11pm: Specifically, we're considering removing our Firestore indexes file, which are kind of drifting out of sync with the actual indexes as used by Firestore. See discussion: https://discord.com/channels/915138780216823849/959728429295616061/969652241965383750
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I am using my moderation permissions to resolve this market on behalf of the creator. This is not according to the Manifold Markets unresolved markets policy found here: https://help.manifold.markets/unresolved-markets

If the creator returns and wishes to change the resolution, please reply to this comment and tag DavidChee. The admins will then undo the resolution I chose and you may pick your desired resolution.

predicted NO

@IsaacKing What? I assumed it would resolve NO if there was no evidence of the indices being a problem.

@Conflux I was just messing with Austin. (Note how my comment says that what I did is not in accordance with the policies. :P)

I don't know whether the indices were deleted or not. Austin should re-resolve if this wasn't the correct resolution.

predicted NO

@IsaacKing Were you doing this to manipulate my market, or not?

@Conflux Nope, I hadn't seen your market yet. My resolution here was due to a discussion in Discord.

@IsaacKing Seems like a mis-resolution. Please don't do things like this in the future.