Will Eliezer Yudkowsky have any meeting about AI with any member of the US congress, senate, or white house before 2025?

Gary Marcus and Sam Altman were in a senate hearing a few months ago. Biden has just signed an executive order on AI capabilities. It could happen!

It doesn't have to be a highly formal meeting like a congressional hearing, but it has to actually be a real "meeting", not just a Twitter reply or a 10 second exchange in a conference Q&A session. A podecast would count if both members are in it and seriously discussing the topic.

Only counts instances after market creation.

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Wait by before 2025 you mean by the end of 2024?

Does "[member of the] white house" include any official in the presidential administration?

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@UnspecifiedPerson Is that what it's usually used to mean?

@IsaacKing "Member of the White House" isn't a regularly used term at all. I'm not sure what you intended it to mean.

Does it have to be a private meeting? Does the appearance on Dan Crenshaw's podcast (or another like it) count?

@IsaacKing So does it count? Are you looking for a meeting after the market start date? https://youtu.be/uX9xkYDSPKA?si=NehxLJv6id_3-EW5

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