Will Eliezer Yudkowsky work for Anthropic OR OpenAI in any role before the end of 2025?

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(Yudkowsky on the Bankless Podcast)

[...] when I dive back into the pool, I don't know, maybe I will go off to Conjecture or Anthropic or one of the smaller concerns like Redwood Research - Redwood Research being the only ones I really trust at this point, but they're tiny... and try to figure out if I can see anything clever to do with the giant inscrutable arrays of floating-point numbers [...]

I think other options include some more serious blogging about why this is going to be difficult. Or maybe OpenAI makes him a pitch that he thinks would be low-dignity to turn down... Though idk, that seems seriously unlikely, OA seems pretty insistently anti-Yudkowsky in their openly discussed group-think messaging about this topic.

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