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Isaac King
closes Jan 1, 2030
Will bees still be a type of fish at the beginning of 2030?

Resolves according to whether California's Fish and Game Code still defines bees as fish.

(This market is about what's written in the code, not about what a court finds is enforceable.)

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Martin Randallbought Ṁ10 of NO

If the CA fish and game code no longer contains a definition of fish, or does not exist, it seems this should resolve no?

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Isaac King

@MartinRandall Correct. If the name of the document changes, I'll use what's in the new document. But if it goes away entirely, this resolves NO.

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Forrest Taylor

So according to this case, bees are fish under CA law. But according to the Supreme Court, fish are not tangible objects in US v. Yates (2015). Therefore it appears to be that bees are not tangible objects

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Isaac King

@ForrestTaylor Are court decisions subject to the transitive property?