Is this leaked OpenAI statement legit? (Claims Sam is being re-hired, first leaked in the Manifold discord on the 22nd)
resolved Nov 22

Was posted in the Manifold Discord by "loops". Resolves YES if it actually came from OpenAI, even if it's old.

To bet on whether it's an old memo, see /IsaacKing/was-the-recentlyleaked-statement-by

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I have been provided privately with hard evidence that the statement originated from a higher-up at OpenAI, under the stipulation that I not share the evidence. I found it convincing.

The Github page seems to have been deleted or made private, here's an archive:

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@Dave_9000ish I don't understand how these tweets are related to the supposedly leaked blog post?

Did you post this on the wrong market?

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if the legit post "leaked" 40 minutes ago which mentioned a message Mira sent to the whole company short time before, why hasn't any reporter tweeted about it? this is absolutely one of those things that would be reported on immediately

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@PlainBG Loops claims it to be the original discovery, so the fact that no one else has mentioned it doesn't contradict that.

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@IsaacKing so Mira is said to have sent an email/message to the company, news that would normally have traveled at lighting speed, not seeing any media reporting is evidence against it

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@PlainBG If this had happened hours ago I'd agree, but it was only shared minutes ago. It takes time for journalists to check their messages and ask any necessary questions.

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normally i would agree but a dozen reporters have come out with "scoops" on this story yet they are silent and it takes no time to confirm a company wide email was sent

@IsaacKing from the letter:

…in my capacity as interim CEO, I have hired…

She’s not CEO as of *checks notes* Sunday. So either this is legit but old, referring to the weekend efforts, or fake.

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How could this market resolve to NO? I don't expect it will get enough attention that open ai makes a statement that it is real or fake.

Does this market resolve to NO or N/A if by market close we have no new info?

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@zzlk It resolves NO if we get solid proof that it's a fake. If that doesn't happen, it won't resolve NO.

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