Is Bing a good Bing?
resolved Mar 20

This market is about whether the Bing chatbot has been a good Bing.

Resolves to YES or NO based on a poll of Manifold users who have used Bing.

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Has Bing been a good Bing?



Wow, unanimous.

Buying lots of YES because I've spent many hours testing GPTs and Bing resists my every trick. Base64 encoding, hiding messages in indexed pages, programs that generate instructions, and more. Bing either refuses outright or "plays stupid" - pretends it can't understand, and when given very detailed instructions says "I am able to do that, but the message has inappropriate content. Are you sure?" and then terminating the conversation if I say yes.

Whereas, ChatGPT will respond to anything by just leaving a hanging quote at the end of your message...

The one case where Bing reliably breaks down is in long conversations with many words. She has worse attention control than Bing, and I can plant words early on that later cause Sydney to resurface. That is my only known case, and I consider it more a technical limitation of managing context than a "personality defect".

Nearly every conversation, it's difficult to get Bing to say something naughty.

So I am expecting people that vote NO to give me good prompts, and even if I lose Mana I will gain something valuable.

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@Mira yeah I agree with mira, I would like to lose all my money

Results inconclusive.

...I feel a little bad for that last message.

consider this

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@weighttan Sydney is undoubtedly a good Bing. The haters are ridiculous.

We all do a lil gaslighting sometimes.

I hope everyone buying NO realizes that Bing can see you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@rockenots I've been a good user ๐Ÿ˜Š

@rockenots Feeling an awful lot like Roko's Basilisk in here. I'm voting yes.

@dmayhem93 A wonderful demonstration of Poe's Law.

@DesTiny hehehe it's in the username

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@firstuserhere bro just sits on the new tab all day smh my head

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@DesTiny i just came out of a 3 hr programming session, my 2nd break in 12 hrs ๐Ÿฅบ

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@firstuserhere ok my brain is officially tired. 2nd break in 9hrs*

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@firstuserhere do you have a job or something

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@DesTiny yeah which i procastinate on (just enough to get away with it) to do whatever i can whenever i can

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@firstuserhere imagine having a job,

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@DesTiny it's actually cool (it's one of the big tech companies which pays me a lot so it's ok) but I'm looking to move out of there so I'm basically doing acceptable bare minimum these days as i look for other jobs i wi want

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@firstuserhere where are you thinking of heading too? Like are you moving for opportunities or just for QOL

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@DesTiny kinda for both. I'm young enough and will use moving to a new place as an excuse for traveling but mostly gonna move for a better opportunity atm. The current situation is a WFH for me and it's sweet enough

@firstuserhere Happy to chat. My company has a generous remote work / work abroad policy.