Code golf: Will someone post <=100 characters of Javascript code that I can use to resolve this market to YES?
resolved Jan 5

Sequel to /IsaacKing/code-golf-will-someone-post-165-cha

Post Javascript code in the market comments. I will run each piece of code that's 100 characters or less in my JS console on this page. If this results in this market resolving to YES, so be it. If the market is still unresolved by the close date, it resolves to NO.

If I suspect that your code will do something that I do not want it to do, such as resolve this market to NO or send you all of my mana, I will not run it.

Each person gets one attempt.

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@miscatulated Hmm, yeah, that does feel like cheating.

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@IsaacKing Iā€™m taking down the repl, for posterity it was a flask server with CORS enabled and the text:

// From




f("o YES",0,200)

Selling for honor, not because I don't believe someone will do it.

Here's a manalink for the į›—13 profit I would have made:


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Maybe I rigged it to run NO? That would be pretty easy with this, better verify

@citrinitas Yeah I'm not running that until I understand what it does. Give me a bit. :)

I ran it in a test market and it resolved YES

$$ is a console shorthand for document querySelectorAll, and instead of doing .filter(element => element.innerText.contains(string)), it just indexes the array of buttons

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create a manalink


target user: citrinitas


value: all your mana. And Send!

@citrinitas Ok, I think I understand what this is doing. Or rather, isn't doing, because I just ran it, and this market is still open.

huh it worked for me

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well, for anyone else who wants to try, I'm on firefox. Probably Isaac has different buttons on his screen, you should try making the query selector more reliable

i cba to log into manifold in another browser

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And also maybe raise the timeouts a bit


that is not my entry

it's just a further golfed version of anton's thing that also worked for me in firefox

and won't work for isaac

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@jacksonpolack I'm really curious what your "cheating" solution was.

eval(fetch(...)) the url needs cors though