Will there be an attempt of a radical cognitive enhancement program with clinical trials on humans by January 1, 2030?

Criteria for Resolution:

1. Investment Threshold: The program must announce investments exceeding 10 million USD, adjusted to the 2024 equivalent value.

2. Scientific Participation: At least one scientist involved in the project must have at least one publication in a peer-reviewed Q1 journal related to neuroscience.

3. Program Mission: The stated mission or goal of the program must include an objective at least as radical as enhancing the median human's intelligence to the level of the lowest-ranked individual within the top 1% of intelligence.


- Investment Announcement: Official statements from credible sources (e.g., press releases, financial disclosures) will be considered valid.

- Adjusted USD Value: Use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator for adjustment to 2024 equivalent value.

- Peer-reviewed Q1 Journal: A journal ranked in the top 25% of its category according to the SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) or a similar credible ranking system.

- Human Trials: Clinical trials must involve human subjects.

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