Will Gladiator 2 achieve a TOMATOMETER score of ≥70%?

Gladiator 2, directed by Ridley Scott, with Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal has been announced.
The question resolves according to TOMATOMETER score 3 months after the movie's release date. (So you can expect resolution date to change!)

If the movie is not released before the end of 2026, then the question resolves N/A.

If Ridley Scott is no longer directing or producing, the question resolves N/A.

If any of the attached actors change, the question is still in full play.

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If you're interested in ticket sales instead/as well :)

I think this criteria, is a non-criteria because of the lack of timeliness
If the movie is never released, then the question resolves N/A.
If the movie is released 200 or 1000 years from now, then it would not satisfy this resolution criteria as written.

I suspect that the market creator had some timeframe in mind to test for movie release not happening OR maybe @HenriThunberg meant, If it is announced that the movie is no longer going to be produced, then the question resolves N/A, so that the criteria is based upon something happening rather than something not happening.

@ShitakiIntaki casting has began for a while now. it's extremely unlikely that the movie gets cancelled

@GeorgeVelis oh that may be, I was just noting that a negative criteria with no time frame can never evaluate to be true. You can only evaluate a negative criteria for a given time frame.

@ShitakiIntaki fine by me, changed to "If the movie is not released before the end of 2026, then the question resolves N/A."

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