Will the Ukrainian-Russian war be considered out of a "stalemate" between now and the end of 2024?

Read an article that this stalemate could last a year.

Resolves YES if minimal progress on both sides has been gained by the end of 2024.

Resolves NO if one side makes progress that could be considered to break the stalemate.

NOTE: I understand that some of the terms are subjective, but this is the media message as of 2023-11-17. If the question is deemed too ambiguous by the question close, I will default to a poll resolution with a 10k boost.

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How will this resolve if a ceasefire/peace treaty is passed and the frontlines are roughly where they’re at now?

Is the resolution comparable to “Will the frontlines change significantly?”

@KLiamSmith I think a cease fire would be considered a continuation of the stalemate, peace would likely be the end. I'll do some searching and maybe define it better, and it really depends on the situation (long term ceasefire vs short term)