Will Kurzgesagt release a video specifically about the AI Alignment Problem before the end of 2024?

Resolves yes if anytime before end of year 2024 there is a video on the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel that I deem to be about the AI Alignment Problem. It does not have to mention the words "alignment problem" but must describe the same thing.

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I see much doomerism flirt too deep into apocalyptic masturbation, like cheap porno degrees of doom, but there's a very good range of material that kurzgesagt could deliver which would be very high quality, sensual content, that delivers realistic, believable and sexy Doom mongering, that's also educational, they'd be idiots not to go there in a year

predicts YES

They have recently released two videos funded by OpenPhil on Bio and Nuclear risk, so this seems increasingly likely given the relative importance given to AI Alignment.

Their latest video was explicitly inspired by Rational Animations, who put out a lot of AI alignment content. I think there's a really good chance we'll see Kurzgesagt put out a video or two on the topic soon. https://youtu.be/Kr57ax0OWMk

i rly hope they do, usually the epistemic quality of their videos are quite decent and they're quite trusted by their viewers

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