Will a book by Brandon Sanderson win a Goodreads Choice Award in 2024?

I think the title is clear, but questions are welcome as always.

I do not consider 2nd place an award.


Goodreads Choice Awards

Brandon Sanderson


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I did some research for this question after looking at the 2023 edition. I'm lowering this from 33% to 17% for these reasons:

  • Brandon Sanderson does expect to release a book within the 2024 eligibility period

  • That book is in a series that has previously been nominated for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction

  • However, I don't think Brandon Sanderson needs or wants an award that could otherwise be used to highlight the career of someone else writing in the same category

  • And there is strong evidence that he can get nominated and NOT win in this category, with SEVEN previous nominations in the category and ZERO wins

I don't have any reason to believe his fanbase would suddenly care about making him win this award.

I looked for other books planned to release, and the info is not 100% clear. There might be a book releasing in November 2024 but that would probably not be eligible for the 2024 awards.

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