Will "Hamster_Hawk" get unbanned before Jan 1st 2023
resolved Dec 18

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I've banned this user from posting comments and creating markets. Due to the collection of their problematic comments and attitude.

@HamsterHawk You can still bet and I will leave this market upon which you can resolve upon the closing date.

To other users, trade on this market with caution.

@DavidChee I may allow appeals in the future as this wasn't too severe an infraction, but not tolerating this behaviour from a brand new user to the site.

a loser no one thinks is funny

a loser no one likes

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Given this user's behavior in the comments here, it seems unlikely that they will be unbanned from wherever they're banned from.

@a shut up bitch

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@HamsterHawk That just makes me want to buy more NO!

@*This message has been deleted by the Manifold Markets Team for breaking our community guidelines* https://help.manifold.markets/community-guidelines

bought Ṁ10 of NO

@HamsterHawk So cheery!

a loser no one respects

fuck you RTBA fat loser

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