Will the Fed cut rates in 2023?

At any meeting.

Jan/Feb 31-1

March 21-22*

May 2-3

June 13-14*

July 25-26

September 19-20*

Oct/Nov 31-1

December 12-13*

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MPis predicting NO at 63%

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MPis predicting NO at 54%

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BowTrixbought Ṁ43 of NO


This real money prediction market is identical. Bought NO on the thesis that real money prediction rates are more efficient than play money rates.

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Gigacastingbought Ṁ20 of YES

Somewhat surprised Kalshi is so disconnected from implied forward rates

(Disclaimer: not financial advice and not an original screengrab, but presumably is about 9 orders of magnitude higher volume and signal if true)

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BowTrixis predicting NO at 40%

@Gigacasting That is indeed interesting. It could be that the Kalshi market is mispriced. Although, I don't know if this could be arbitraged.